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Cathedral Museum, Viterbo, Italy features Paiement

LANDSCAPE (inside and and all around me) #3

curated by Adelinda Allegretti

Colle del Duomo Museum, piazza San Lorenzo 10 from February 19 to March 5 2022

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 19, 2022—4:30pm

As part of the cycle of events "Observe like Darwin. Observation at the basis of the scientific method and artistic creation", the Polo Monumentale Colle del Duomo hosts an unpublished collective exhibition, conceived by the curator Adelinda Allegretti and focused on the contemporary interpretation of landscape.

This curatorial project was born in 2014 in Sweden, in Sigtuna, when artists of different

nationalities were invited by the curator to confront the theme of the vast landscape and

unspoiled Northern Europe. The reflection continued with a Roman stop at the Carlo D’Orta Gallery and now arrives in Viterbo in its third and renewed edition.

Observing reality is a process that unites artists and scientists and allows us to arrive at

discovery of new visions which, in the case of contemporary art, reinvent the natural landscape

and urban. "As always in my modus operandi - explains the curator - the initial input is given by a title, but the real richness is the way in which each artist interprets it and, in the specific case, what it is prevailed in the face of the idea of ​​the landscape: now Nature, now the city, now that unrecognized world and far too little beaten that lives within us ».

Charles Darwin himself used to carry a notebook in which he immortalized with quick sketches the views of his travels. Starting from this example, the exhibition starts from a double comparison between art and science and between contemporary vision and the spaces of the Colle del Duomo Museum in Viterbo where it is hosted.

Organized under the patronage of the Municipality of Viterbo, the Austrian Culture Forum, Rome and the Canadian Embassy, ​​the exhibition will be open every day from 10.00 to 17.00 (last admission 4.30 pm).

Artists include:

Nancy Barwell (F), Philip Barwell (f), Berger (CH), Carmelo Compare (I), Koichiro Kojima (JP), Monica Mangani (I), Marino Marini (I), Mauro Martin (I), Maria Pia Michieletto (I), Christina Mitterhuber (A), Paul Paiement (USA), Catherine Perehudoff Fowler (CA), Igor Eugen Prokop (HU), Josefina Temín (MEX), Violino Mantieco (I), Stephen Wozniak (USA), Ersoy Yilmaz (TR).

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