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"Nexus--Chamberlain, SD" to be Featured in "I Am Nature."

"I Am Nature" opens Saturday March 9, 7-10, at the Loft at Liz's, 453 S. La Brea. A brilliant group of artists reflecting upon our place in the natural universe. Check out the must see events in the most recent Art and Cake

"Themes about the intersection between nature and culture have been a dominant idea in the work of Paul Paiement for years. In Paul’s paintings, he sees our creations in technology, science and engineering as an extension of our biological nature. The way that we shape the world, adapting it through design and architecture, is an organic expression of our natural born instinct. It is an existential need to use our imagination to create innovative ways to sustain our existence.

There is a philosophical aspect to these unions of architectural silhouettes superimposed on the natural world. As Paul put it, “It is an assertion of an existential fact that we live here, that no matter how hard we try we leave our foot print on this earth and that we have to acknowledge that, to accept this reality as it simply is.”

Paul’s paintings seek to reconcile these seemingly different worlds, into poetic hybrids where natural forms morph into synthetic ones. Where the space within a natural setting is complimented by the rectilinear silhouette of a building; not as a contradiction or a conqueror, but as another aspect of nature.

He synthesizes the fundamental elements of human nature and nature into hybrids of imagination and metaphor."

Curator Gary Brewer

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