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Nexus Premiers at Tufenkian Fine Arts

Tufenkian Fine Arts is pleased to announce, Nexus, a solo exhibition of new and recent works by Los Angeles-based artist Paul Paiement. This will be the artist’s first solopresentation with the gallery. This exhibition will be on view from May 6th through June 17th, 2023, with an opening reception to be held at the gallery on Saturday, May 6th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Paul Paiement’s paintings attempt to reconcile the differences between the organic elements of the natural world with the inorganic, synthetic elements of culture through a spectrum of visual languages: atmospheric perspective; representation and abstraction; and the use of layering. Paiement’s landscape paintings are attuned to our impulsive and intuitive responses which embraces simultaneity, infinity, and paradox; while his architectural forms respond to the more logical and pragmatic facets of human nature. Paiement’s works convey the sense that the structures and systems that we create to survive are not separate from nature, but are an existential need expressed on all levels of the natural order of life.

Paiement’s “Nexus” series exposes the tangled relationship between the human view of nature with the idea of human exceptionalism. The artist begins his paintings by creating seemingly vast and infinite naturalistic scenes, after which he places airbrushed plexiglass overlays that contrast with the detailed representations of the landscape. Paiement utilizes these architectural overlays as symbols of the “manmade” set against the Romantic tradition of classical Western landscape painting. Conjoining two ostensibly disparate elements into a unified picture, Paiement subverts the common narrative that humans are destroying the environment by presenting these “manmade” features as hardly distinguishable from their surroundings. Their smooth translucent forms allow them to blend in seamlessly with the landscape.

Paiement’s newest body of work comes from his time spent at an artist residency in the Oregon coastal community of Neskowin during the summer of 2022. During his time at the artist residency Paiement set out to produce a series of plein-air paintings while taking photographs throughout the day which were later referenced for highly detailed overlayed paintings. The shapes of these overlayed panels were inspired by architectural concept drawings of cabins and lake homes. The alignment of the open-air painting with the meticulously rendered overlay allowed the artist to marry the spontaneous, improvisational nature of his landscape practice with the calculated, rational aspects present in his architectural forms.

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