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Paiement Collaborates With Abel Alejandre for Coagula Editions "Print of the Month."

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

World class Los Angeles area artists matched with master printers to create editioned fine art print suites.

Absolutely NO digital prints (aka giclees, ugh, barf) will come out of Cogaula Editions. Every print edition will be done by relief, screen or other hand-printing methods by master printers.

Old school quality, new school artists, old school prices.

Announcing Suite One: PRINT OF THE MONTH

Twelve Los Angeles Area artists are The Print of the Month Suite.

Each PRINT OF THE MONTH measures 10” by 10” square and has a maximum printed area of 8” …so clear a small square on your wall and put up a different print each month.

Beginning July 15th, Coagula Editions will publish one print per month as a twelve-print suite over the next twelve months. Each signed print is signed by the artist. Twelve months, Twelve prints, Twelve L.A. area artists.

PRINT OF THE MONTH is an edition of 40. The earlier you buy the suite the lower your number in the edition is. Each print from the suite will carry that same number. First come first served.

To purchase yours, go to...

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