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Archives are Mined for Erotic-Vulvic-Phallic at POST

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

EROTIC-VULVIC-PHALLIC an homage to Carolee Schneemann and Dionysus. A one night bacchanal of imagistic metaphors reflecting the female, male and non-binary erotic pulse of the universe. July 3 at 4654 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, 6-9pm.

This is one of 31 Kamikaze exhibitions organized by HK Zamani for PØST running through the month of July.

Fecundity and sensuality are conveyed in the multibreasted sculture by Xu DaRocha. Pleasure and play exude from the domes of flesh, Dionysus dances through the physical delight of this potent and playful piece! (Apparently I am banned from posting images! You will have to come to see this piece in the flesh)

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