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Paiement's Limited Addition: Nexus, Mitchell, Oregon Is Officially Released

In the world’s richest country, it seems unimaginable that anyone could go hungry—especially children. A few years ago, I became aware of Chef Bruno Serato’s mission. He applies his talent and skills to prepare pasta for at-risk youth. He now serves over 25,025 fresh, nutritionally balanced meals to underprivileged children every week. His generous acts inspired me to contribute my talents to the cause.

In the spirit of Chef Bruno, I have created a limited edition (40) of hand-crafted, unique prints. Taken from my Nexus series, each print is produced using a variety of techniques. First, the image is hand-drawn and painted. Then, the drawing is engraved into printing plates. With the aid of master printer Abel Alejandre, the plates are run through (twice) a lithographic press--once for the silver image and then for the black image. Simultaneously, the painting is produced by digitally scanning and printing a second image. Finally, the painted image is carefully cut-out and adhered to the black and white print. This “mash-up” of ancient and cutting-edge techniques creates a beautiful image that fits neatly into every home.

100% of the proceeds of this limited edition will be donated to Chef Bruno’s mission of feeding children in underprivileged communities.

For more information about Caterina's Club visit

For information about how to purchase a print from this edition contact Max at Tufenkian Fine Arts:

phone: 818.288.4635

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