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"Nexus--Mitchell, OR" to be Featured in Exhibition in Rome, Italy

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Paiement's latest print Nexus--Mitchell, Oregon, will be featured in the upcoming exhibition Landscape (inside and around me) at Carlo D'Orta Gallery in Rome, Italy. Come and visit the exhibition Landscape Inside and All Around Me at the Carlo D’Orta ArtStudio/Gallery. The exhibition, curated by Adelinda Allegretti, will take place from Thursday 20 January until 10 February, and is the second stage of a curative path that began with a first exhibition in Sigtuna, Sweden.

The works of 22 artists around the world, selected by the curator Adelinda Allegretti, will be confronted, divided into two phases of ten days each (20-31 January, February 1-10), with the fine art photographs by Carlo D’Orta.

Artists include:

Nancy Barwell (F), Philip Barwell (F) , Christo and Jean-Claude (USA), Catherine Desbordes (F), Maria Fatjó Pares (E), Bernadette Felber (A), Valentin Gallego Gallardo (E), Stefan Havadi-Nagy (D), Yana Kiyko (I), Margaret Lazzari (USA), Theodora Lunghi Guyader (F), Marino Marini (I), Monica Marioni (I), Christina Mitterhuber (A), Paul Paiement (USA), Catherine Perehudoff Fowler (CA), Stefania Raimondi (I), Hasti Sardashti (UK), Maria Sauzet (I-AR), Gregg Simpson (CA), Stephen Wozniak (USA), Ersoy Yilmaz (TR).

The theme of the exhibition recalls what Northern Europe represents in the collective imaginary: wide, untouched spaces that, consciously or otherwise, cannot not create the right "fluight" necessary to look inside and discover the infinite t Error of our deepest self, of which admiration and respect for the landscape Exterior is not just a first, obligatory step. Starting from the outside, then, to apply to the interior. True wealth is how every artist interpret this concept.

The gallery is located in the center of Rome, in Trieste district, an area characterized by the presence of embassies (e.g. of the Arab Republic), important ancient monuments (Catacombs of Priscilla, Mausoleum of Santa Costanza) and cultural institutions (German Academy of Villa Massimo).

After the Roman stage, the exhibition Landscape Inside and All Around Me, curated by Adelinda

Allegretti, will move to the Museum of the Colle del Duomo, in Viterbo, from February 19 to March 5, 2022.

Adelinda Allegretti Art Curator

Carlo D’Orta ArtStudio/Gallery Square Crati, 14 - Rome

January 20-10 February 2022

Monday to Friday 16-19

or by appointment (328-0416111)

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