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Paiement's Paintings Featured in Epic Exhibition at Ethan Cohen's Kube

The Doors of Perception: New Approaches to Realism is a group exhibition featuring the works of 23 contemporary artists who excel at translating their perception of the world to the viewer through their art practice.

Featuring Works By: Austin Stiegemeier, Paul Paiement, Anna Navasardian, Gan Yu, Yigal Ozeri, Joseph Ayers, Li Daiyun, Tony Shore, Mina Cheon aka Kim Il Soon, Qi Ming, Qiu Zhijie, Shi Chong, Tang Hui, Jeannie Weissglass, Johan Wahlstrom, Zhang Xiaomao, Emil Alzamora, Peng Yu and Sun Yuan, Thomas Deininger, Jim Peters, James Donaldson, and Liu Xiaodong

The exhibition is open from August 27th thru December 15, 2021.

For More information visit

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